This is Garbage

by Carrie Shemanski

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Tim Howes
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Tim Howes Better than garbage! Tracks are varied and catchy. Favorite track: Somebody's Job.
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Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in 28 days for the RPM Challenge, February 2015


released February 28, 2015

All songs written by Carrie Shemanski
All instruments played by Carrie Shemanski except:

Drums on "Somebody's Job" by Stephanie "Sparklepants" Whiton
Vibraslap and Words of Encouragement on "A Monkey" by Molly Walsh
Fiddle and Backup Vocals on "Places I've Never Been" by Trent Childers
Organ on "Yeah But What Have You Done for Me" by Kate Walsh
Clarinet on "My Date With the Garbage Man" by Cara Condon

Audio Engineering by Carrie Shemanski except
Drum Mix on "Somebody's Job" by Ryan "Mr. Sparklepants" Staples

Album Art by Cara Condon
Photo by Lisa Futterman



all rights reserved


Carrie Shemanski Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: I Got a Monster
I got a monster under my bed x3
Gonna send him on his way x2

I got a creature up in my head x3
All I can do is hope and pray x2

It ain’t like in the movies
When everything’s hunky dory
It ain’t like on TV or in a bedtime story

I got a monster under my bed and he’s comin’ fast
I got a creature in my head and he always laughs last
Track Name: Somebody's Job
It’s somebody’s job
To cut your heart out
And you may
Never come out
But if you do or ya don’t
They’re still gonna pull your chart out
You’re a name on the board a bed in the ward

It’s somebody’s job
To make your clothes fit
Though they may
Never see it
But if you’re small or you’re large
They’re still gonna guarantee it
You’re a cog in the wheel so how does it feel

It’s a party and we’re all invited
But no one is very excited
You can’t stop it but you can fight it
I’m savin’ up for a new feeling so come along

It’s nobody’s job
To make ya happy
And ya may
Never be happy
But what does it even mean to be happy
You’re a stain on the floor and a knock at the door


And it’s somebody’s job
To move your garbage
And they may
See what you discarded
If they do or they don’t you’re still just a garbage artist
Garbage in garbage out, within and without
I’m savin up for a new feeling so come along
Track Name: Just What I Wanted
Well I want it
Write me songs and sonnets
Show me that I’m wanted
Tell me what you need

Well I want it
And baby I’m so haunted
So if you’ve got it flaunt it
Bring it in for me

Well I want it
It’s just what I wanted
I tell you what I want it
I’ll tell you what I need :|

I’ve got it
But baby I just bought it
And I just never thought it
Would make me feel so free

You can’t stop it
But why’d you wanna stop it
If you go and stop it
Your ass is dead to me

I can’t believe
My eyes deceive
You were here all along
You let me in
Now I’ll never go home again
This is where I belong
Sing me one more song
Cause you got what I want yes you got what I want

Track Name: A Monkey
I’ve got a monkey
He won’t get off my back :|
He says that he needs me
But that’s a buncha crap

I’ve got a monkey
He won’t get off my case :|
Every time I try to get free
He puts me back in my place

I’ve got a monkey
He won’t get off the phone :|
Don’t matter what I do
Won’t leave the damn thing alone

I’ve got a monkey
He won’t get off the ride :|
Yeah I took him to the movies
He wouldn’t go inside

I’ve got a monkey
He won’t get off his high horse :|
Yeah I’ve literally got a
Monkey riding a horse

I’ve got a monkey
He won’t get off my mind :|
Yeah I’ve literally got a
Monkey and he’s riding a horse
Track Name: Never Call Me Baby
You would not believe
All the earth in me
Only paint the town
When there’s paint around

Paint around x4

Let’s go make a mess
Don’t you second guess
You could save my soul
Guess we’re on a roll

On a roll x4

You can call me crazy
But never call me baby
Track Name: Places I've Never Been
Wanna find myself a proper rock n roll band
And play in every bar across the land
But I’m so tired of chasing money
I wanna hop on the big muddy
And sell my soul to Louisan’

Louisan’ x4

I feel so much better when I sing
You can talk me into any goddamn thing
I’m so tired of coats and sweaters
A honky tonk sounds so much better
I’ll sell my soul to Tennessee

Tennessee x4


Ain’t no sun up in the sky
My coffee’s cold
And the whiskey still runs dry
‘Fore I hit the road

Well the windy city’s one big traffic jam
Every penny that I earn goes to Uncle Rahm
And February ain’t so sunny
I’ll take my chances with the dummies
And sell my soul to Alabam’

Alabam’ x4
Track Name: Take the Garbage Out
I can hear my neighbor practicing
Do You Hear the People Sing
But I can’t seem to focus on
A single goddamn thing

It seems that all my friends
Have got the whole thing figured out
But I can’t even bring myself
To take the garbage out

Take the garbage out
Take the garbage out
Won’t throw a coat on over pj’s, put on a pair of boots
And take the garbage out

Well it’s cold here in Chicago
The whole city’s gone insane
And I can’t even go outside
Or someone calls my name

I just wanna buy a coffee
That don’t come with sauerkraut
But I guess I’m on the wrong street
So I take the garbage out

Take the garbage out
Take the garbage out

And take the garbage out


Well it’s goin on 2:30
And I’m ready to start my day
I go and cash my paycheck
And I blow it all away

The water’s turned to whiskey
My coffee’s a coffee stout
I’m gonna get too liquored up
To take the garbage out

Throw a coat on over pj’s
I don’t have much spirit these days
Cut me up and cook me three ways
Then put on a pair of boots and take this garbage out
Track Name: Yeah But What Have You Done For Me
You’re a prize, sugar
Take the money and run
You won’t have a second chance
To have this much fun

Take a ride, sugar
You’ve got the wind at your back
Pack the car hit the tar
Never come back

What have you done for me?
Say it again now
What have you done for me?

I’m a lost cause
You always said it was true
I’m not going anywhere
Unless it’s with you

I need applause
Or I’ll never get out alive
I’m not placing any bets
We’ll ever arrive


Cause I’m seconds away seconds away
Seconds away seconds away
Seconds away seconds away
You’re a heartbeat away a hearbeat away
Heartbeat away a heartbeat away
A heartbeat away from takin another shot

Track Name: Give it Up
Give it up, give it up
Give it up up up

I’m a lot like you
That’s how I can see the truth
Every time you talk
I just wanna put a sock in your mouth

I’m not going to try and explain it to you
I just think that’ it’s time
For you to


You make me so tired
I think I’ll set myself on fire
I just can’t relate
Askin’ how are you was my first big mistake

You could make my needle move but
Could you ever really reach me
We could make this fire burn but
I think I’d rather you release me
Track Name: My Date With the Garbage Man
Well it’s not what I planned
A date with the garbage man
But he’s funny and sweet and he can fill my land

Well it’s no sleight of hand
Yes he’s just the garbage man
But I like what he’s doin’ and I like it when he holds my hand

I don’t care if he’s smelly
I don’t care if he’s dumb
I just want him to think me and my songs are fun

I don’t know if he loves me
I don’t care anyway
I just want him to keep me, never throw me away